About Us

The Artwork of Reuben Hale, Inc. is a nonprofit dedicated to the legacy of Reuben Aldridge Hale, Jr. (1927-2018). It was founded as a 501(c)(3) organization in late 2019 by his daughter, Irma Hale.

Organizing Reuben’s 1,000+ pieces of work – portraits, abstract expressionist painting, holography, sculpture (not to mention the records of his teaching, leadership, and contributions to the community college in arts and humanities) – led to Irma realizing that not only friends and family, but also researchers and the public should have access to it long after she is gone.

Our board discussed the conundrum and beauty of how Reuben rarely put himself first. Instead, his priorities included taking pride and joy in his daughter's achievements; dedication to his art students' growth; and in a celebration through art, he literally put women on a pedestal in their ability to push through societal barriers.

"As an instructor, Reuben modeled and taught the whole effort of creation as a sensual and thoughtful activity, even down to cleaning the brushes. You can see this in all the work he created. The youth of his female sculptures reflected the promise of the future. Reuben believed that the liberation of women would change the future, society, and the world." –Anne Carlisle (artist, actress & board member)

Putting Reuben first has been a long time coming.

Even his West Palm Beach, FL, home modifications – such as an entire stairway built from scratch with a hand-carved free-form bannister and reading nook beneath – are works of art.

We hope you are excited as we are to prepare to open a historic artist's home to our community.

This means learning the ropes of running a small museum! Irma is always a phone call away to give a private tour to see our progress. But for public visitors to properly experience Reuben's artwork – and to open the doors sooner, we need your help.

Generous friends and family have organically begun to support our efforts with donations. We would be so grateful if you would join them as founding members of The Artwork of Reuben Hale, Inc. and include us in your charitable giving.


Donations will help us in our mission to:

  • Preserve and catalog the artwork for public showing
  • Prepare and share biographical materials with scholars and the public
  • Develop and execute an arts education program to benefit the community
  • Curate and travel with art exhibits across the country
  • Plan and prepare the artist's historical home, art studio and garden for visitors

Working with art advisors, conservators, curators, arts and humanities historians and educators, museum planners, fund-raisers and grand writers – not to mention help in the office, garden, and creating a new website! – are all part of these goals.

And do you by any chance have skills in any of these areas and would perhaps like to lend a hand? Please let us know!

Your support will allow more bright minds around the world access to Reuben's many creative art forms, unique perspective, blend of the sensual and intellectual, and celebration of women's strength during these crucial foundational years of our organization. Your generosity can literally open doors.

Find some ways you can support The Artwork of Reuben Hale, Inc. here:

Ways to support us